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Glad I went to work

So, I went into work and ended up doing almost a full day. ?It was really busy, kept me happily occupied, and now I am looking forward to tomorrow at home before we head to the hospital for our induction. ?It was also great to have an "official" last day and get some closure, finish things up, etc. ?I still can't believe I'll have a baby sometime in the next few days, but am trying to get excited rather than being scared!!!
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Re: Glad I went to work

  • GL!! I hear you on the "last day" thing. I'm planning to work on Friday and Saturday, assuming this baby hasn't come out before then. But I think that will be it (I only work Fridays/Saturdays) and don't think I'll go the following week, even if the baby is still not here. It will be nice to have a last appointment with all of my clients and have everyone know that it's my last appointment with them. As it is right now, they all know I'll be there this week unless I go into labor. It's much easier to just have a last day planned so everyone knows... so I'm hoping DD2 stays in there until at least Sat afternoon!
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  • I can't believe you made it this far.  GL!
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  • Good luck at the induction!!
  • GL, pls keep us updated!
  • oh good! glad it went well! good luck with the induction and your new little baby!
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  • You are in my thoughts! Good luck with everything and an early welcome to baby emack!

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