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bouncer AND swing?

For those of you with babies already, I'm curious, did you use both a bouncer and a swing? We received a bouncer as a gift already and I'm wondering if we should go ahead and buy the swing. Just wondering how "necessary" it is? TIA :-)

Re: bouncer AND swing?

  • we had both. tomas HATED the bouncer. we could never put him in it without him having a fit. he loved his swing though!

    benefits of having both (if your kid tolerates one or both) is the bouncer can be moved more easily from room to room, whereas the swing usually finds a home in your home and stays put. also, the bouncer travels better (in the car) than a swing. we took it with us when we went visiting. didn't matter, since he wouldn't sit in it anyway!

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  • We have both and she likes the swing better than the bouncer.  The swing stays put in the kitchen and the bouncer we move around the house so for us its good to have both.

  • Yes, get both!  DD loves being in the swing, and I use the bouncer daily when I take a shower.  I don't know what I would do without either.  They are both necessary in this house!  :) 

    By the way, I owe you a milkshake next time we get together.  I didn't give you enough $$ when you picked up dinner the other night!

  • One more thing, I highly recommend the FP My Little Lamb Cradle 'n' Swing.  We had a Graco and had to replace it twice.  The FP one is AMAZING and dd loves it! 
  • we use both.  My son initially hated the bouncer.  After about 6 weeks it was the only way I could take a shower.  He learned to love it.  I keep it in the bathroom. He loved the swing from birth.  He just outgrew it.  I used it for naps and somewhere to put him while we ate dinner.

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  • dd loves the fisher price cradle swing... the mobile, the music, everything.  (there are 3 songs - and she definitely has her favorite!)

    we don't currently have a bouncer, but, i want to get one.  it would be nice to have somewhere to set her in other rooms.  currently, we use the car seat.

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  • I have both, but Nicholas hated the movement of the swing.  Basically I just used it to have him sit in it in our family room.  The bouncer I keep in the bathroom and used it at first when I showered and now when I need to use the bathroom.  I must say he did not like the bouncer at first either, but he did eventually begin to like it.
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  • DD loved the bouncer more until she was about 4 months old. Now she prefers the swing. We use both of them.
  • We had both and used both ALL the time.  We have the FP Rainforest Cradle Swing and Bouncer.  That swing is nice because it plugs in and you don't have to use batteries.  Invest in batteries, because everything takes them.   
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  • We got both when we had DD1. She loved the bouncer from the beginning; the swing she could take or leave. We still used it, but not as much as the bouncer. We'll see which one DD2 prefers. Oh, we also have a Graco swing (Lovin Hug) - I'd say get a different one. I haven't been impressed with it at all. There are a lot of consignment sales coming up in the next few weeks/months. I'm sure you could get a cheap swing there so that you don't have to fork over a lot of money for something you may not use a lot. Or you chould check craigslist too.
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  • We use only the bouncer.  We never got a swing b/c I've heard that you really only need one or the other.  We figure we would start with the bouncer since it was the cheaper of the two and see if DS loves it or hates it.  Then we can buy the swing if we needed to.  So far he likes the bouncer.
  • We have both.  We didn't use the bouncer until she was almost 4 months old because she had no interest in it at all.  She liked her papasan swing immediately.  Now that she likes it okay, the bouncer is useful in different rooms. 
  • We used both...the bouncer ended up being purchased late one night after we couldn't settle her down and we ran out of options. She loved it - it sat her up enough that it helped with the it allowed me to be able to take the ever-loving SHOWER!!!! She used that up till about 6mos then she was trying to lean over the side to reach for things and we didn't want her to tip it over.

    As for the swing....she hated it in the beginning...she was WAY TOO SMALL...and I think it made the reflux worse. She finally started to like it around 3 mos and used it till probably 7mos or so.....once she started crawling she wasn't interested because she wanted to move!

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  • We used both as well.  The swing was more for naps and the bouncer was for awake time before she could really sit up on her own.
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