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She's Here!!! (long)


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  • Congrats Denise!!  Beautiful photos - can't wait to meet Emilia at an upcoming NovaMoms3 event!  Christine

    PS on the BF'g...INOVA Fairfax has a BF'g moms group that meets 2x a week and is led by an LC.  It was a lifesaver to me and worth the drive from Alexandria. FYI.

  • She is beautiful!  Congratulations
  • Denise, congratulations on a beautiful addition to your family! How much did Emilia weight and how long was she?
  • Yay!! Congratulations on your beautiful girl! And a quick and easy L&D!
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  • Congrats Denise on the nice quick labor and an absolutely beautiful little girl!
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  • Congratulations!!  She's absolutely beautiful!  So glad your labor/delivery was so quick!
  • Congratulations!!
  • so happy to hear of her arrival!!
  • That's wonderful news and glad to hear you and the baby are healthy. Emilia is a beautiful name and she's so precious. Hope the breast feeding situation gets better with the help of the LC.
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  • Congratulations!

     Wow on the fast labor!  Mine was a tad over 6 hours, so if I have another I'm not sure I would make it to the hospital!

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