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##Weekly Check-In## Week of Feb 23

how is everyone? anyone have a baby in the last couple of days?

Re: ##Weekly Check-In## Week of Feb 23

  • We're almost at week 28 with our DS and things seem to be going well (fingers always crossed of course). going to Michigan this weekend for a baby shower....craziness!
  • 37 weeks on Thursday.  I have a shower my DH's friends are throwing this weekend.  We really need to unpack and setup the nursery.  All the furniture is there in all the correct places, but that's about it.  Is anyone thinking of going to Chantilly for the Fairfax County Mother of Multiples Consignment Sale?  I need a few decor items and an Ergo but I'm wishy washy on driving out there.   
  • I can't believe I'm coming up on 30 weeks. Time flies! My cousins are throwing me a baby shower this weekend down in Richmond so that's exciting. :-)

     DH is away skiing this week in Utah and I've used my free time to fix up the nursery a bit. Still much to to but it was nice to do a little "turbo nesting" (as my MIL called it).


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  • things here are good, finally feeling like a normal person energy wise.

    We have our 12 week appointment tomorrow, so will get to tell our siblings and close friends after that:)

  • I'm 24 weeks now and feeling great. I start my Prenatal Stretch and Tone class tonight at Holy Cross Hospital so I am looking forward to that. I'm also heading out to Florida this weekend for my last vacation before the baby comes. So, it will be nice to get some sunshine.
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  • i can't believe i'm at 30 weeks already!!! its going by really quickly.

    dh and i put the crib together last night and it looks great. he's really done an excellent job with the nursery, i have to find a way to thank him... to show my appreciation....maybe a new PS3 game?

    this weekend is the second and last day of childbirth class and i think next week or in a couple of weeks we're going to tour the birthing center!

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  • I'm 10 weeks today! 1/4 of the way through. The queasiness and exhaustion are getting a lot better, so I'm almost feeling not pregnant (except for the huge, sore boobs). I want my 12 week appointment so I can hear the baby again and start telling people!
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  • DH has been traveling for the last few weeks and I think it's been really hard on DD. She's been crying for him to put her to bed and she asks me every evening if he's coming home from work:( She had strep throat last week but seems to be feeling better after a few days on antibiotics.

    DS is crawling like a maniac and has figured out to climb the step from our living room into the dining room. It sure it busy having two mobile!!! DS has weaned himself. I swore I'd never give him formula but I wasn't able to pump enough to keep up so I'm down to nursing in the middle of the night and he's on almost all formula during the day:( I can't even get him to latch on anymore if there's anything else going around and since I have a 2 year old, I can't really take him into a dark, quiet room to feed him everytime he needs to eat. I feel guilty but I know it's the best thing to do for us right now.

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  • 6 days til my EDD!! I'm ready to get this baby out. In the past few days sciatica has reared her ugly head more so moving is getting to be more painful. If it weren't for that I'd be fine with her staying inside a little longer - I still want to organize some stuff around the house and finish our taxes before she comes out and I have no more time.

    DD#1 is doing well, though she's starting to say things like "I don't LIKE to listen to mommy" and putting her down for her nap and bedtime is becoming a nightmare. She doesn't get out of bed, but she fights sleep like it's her job and just lays in bed talking, singing, etc - anything to keep herself awake, even when she's exhausted. Then she just gets cranky. All that said though, she's still mostly a great kid and she's SO excited to meet her little sister. She's constantly talking to her and bringing toys to my belly Smile

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  • Um...I am no longer sleeping for more than an hour at a stretch at night. Guess it's my body's way of getting ready! Unfortunately, this is making me a complete zombie at work - like, so tired I just want to cry! Only two more weeks of work...maybe three...I have to make it!

    I'm still having a lot of low cramping, but haven't lost mucus plug yet (yummy). I had an internal last Friday and I was starting to thin out but not dilated at all. I've got another appt this Friday and hopefully some progress will have started! It's all confusing, because my original EDD was 3/14, and then they moved it back to 3/7 based on an ultrasound, and as of last Friday they thought it would be closer to the 14th again. So who knows when this little guy is due!! I'm just hoping he won't be late. I had no idea how exhausting the end of pregnancy could be, especially once the sleeplessness sets in!

     We took an infant care class at Reston Hospital last night...it was okay, but I felt like they had already covered most of it in the childbirth class we took. I'm not really convinced it was worth the $$. It was only $25, but I still felt like it was pretty common sense stuff.

     I guess we're ready!?

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  • I am at 14weeks and feeling ridiculously good, almost to the point of paranoia. If the next 26 weeks are this easy, I might actually enjoy being pregnant. [She says while frantically knocking on wood!!!]

    I'm definitely pudging out of my regular clothes, but I'm still in that awkward stage where maternity wear doesn't seem necessary. I'm borrowing a Bella band this weekend to see what all the fuss is about!

    The DC Nest. Winers welcome.
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  • I'm almost 16 weeks. ?I started feeling a little bit of fluttery movement around 14 weeks, which was really exciting, but now it's happening less often than before, which is normal, but still disconcerting. ?My headaches have subsided some, but still some days they come on hard and fast and without relief. ?I'm hoping they're on their way out, though. ?28 days til we (hopefully!!!) find out pink or blue!
  • I guess we are coming into the final stretch :-) all is well so far- she dropped  2.5 weeks ago and I have been having every week appointments since then. I guess we are ready!
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  • Doing pretty well- but the tiredness has crept in and it's hard to stay motivated at work. My body seems to be holding up pretty well. The hip soreness has eased up a bit and I'm sleeping pretty well, although I think I slept in an awkward position last night b/c I woke up with a stiff neck. And of course the paranoid person that I am, I immediately think I have listeria.


    Still a ton of stuff to do- find a ped, take our l&d classes (they start next monday), find a daycare, finish the nursery, buy bras that fit... the list goes on and on. 

  • Still here. ?Still pregnant. ?I had a last minute appointment today because of a concern about a skin tag that could interfere with breastfeeding. ?Good news is I'm now 2-3 cm and the baby has dropped. ?Other good news, my dermatologist also fit me in at the last minute and took care of the skin tag. ?I love my doctors.

    The difficulty now is arranging for all the family coming into town for the birth (as we know the last possible day is this Friday when we'll be induced). We have a big house but they don't all want to be on top of each other and it is ending up being my family having to spend a lot of $$ to be here, which is feeling a bit unfair to me. ?I don't want to spend too much time dwelling on it and want to focus on DH, baby, and me, but it's weighing on me a bit. ?I am so appreciative of everyone making such a big effort to be here and I want to make it as easy and inexpensive for them as possible while still allowing us to maintain our sanity! ??

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  • Had my 30-week appointment today, and the dr. recommended I get another sonogram, as the measurement was a little small. Always makes me nervous when they identify some issue like that, but she was very good about trying to reassure me that sometimes it's just because different doctors measure a little differently and such. Still... On the other hand, I'm excited to get another sono. Otherwise, I've been feeling pretty well, other than not sleeping very well because of some hip and rib pain. Baby's been fairly active.

    In stuff accumulation news, we received our stroller (a gift from the ILs) over the weekend. And Great Beginnings called to tell us the glider and crib are in, so we'll pick those up this coming weekend.

  • Wow, lots of pg mama updates.  How are everyone's outside babies doing??

    Allison is doing well, she's been scooting backwards and desperately trying to crawl.  She has a lot of dexterity with her hands and can pinch things as small as peas.  She's making lots of fun new consanant sounds and her hair is finally growing, and it has a tinge of red in it!!  I have one week left at work and then I'm a stay at home mom!  I'm very excited.  Once I'm staying at home full time we're going to be cloth diapering full time, I'm so excited to be done with the yucky disposables.   That's about it from here.

  • Nothing really that new here in Agrippaland.

    Conrad can stand independently for a long time now--he chooses to get down instead of falling over--but won't take any steps unless he is holding onto something.  So, we're doing lots of walking around the house with him holding one of my fingers.  

    He's still working on cutting three teeth, so it's making feeding him a challenge.  He currently won't eat a bottle unless he is standing, but loses interest in it quickly.

  • Sophie just had her 9 month appt at the pedi.  She's a chunk - 22 pounds!  She's crawling around like crazy, and pulling up, but not cruising yet.  She's getting better with finger foods, puffs and lil' crunchies are faves.  She's a lot more interested in the finger foods than purees.

    We have asked the pedi about a slight seemingly involuntary shuddering movement that Sophie does, kind of like a chill, last appointment, and brought it up again because it's getting more frequent.  He referred us to a pediatric neurologist for an EEG, so I'm making that appointment today.

  • Nicholas is mastering the stairs this week. He goes up like a pro and can slide down on his tummy if I place him on the first step. He can't quite figure out how to get started on that first step down though. He lays on the floor on his tummy but doesn't get that he has to inch closer.

    I'm trying to figure out how to get him to STTN - he's doing better but still not there

    Also trying to get him to stop throwing all of his food, dishes, spoons, cups, everything off his highchair tray

    Planning his 1st birthday party coming up next month! I'm so excited about it.

  • Audrey had her one month appt today and she is now 8 lbs 14 oz and 22.5 inches (she's gained almost 3 lbs and 2.5 inches since we left the hospital!!)  She is still a pretty easy baby, but has definitely "woken up" over the last two weeks or so.  Some nights she'll sleep for a four or five hour stretch, and some nights, like last night, she'll go two hours at a time. 

    She is fully alert and loves to make eye contact.  We just love her to pieces and are enjoying every second.  I'm going a little stir crazy not leaving the house with her during the day (we're trying to wait as long as possible; pedi recommended 8 weeks if possible).  I'm taking her to a friend's baby shower Saturday, which will be her first real time out of the house other than a few nice weather walks and doctor's appts. Other than that I'm going to avoid Target and the mall for at least another week or two.  *sigh*  I'm ready for spring!  :)

  • DD is 11 months old today!!  She is walking all over the house.  She is able to get up off the floor now herself and walk all over instead of crawling to the couch, wall, chair, or us and pulling herself up and then taking off.  I feel all we do is say No No as her reach has now expanded.  We are constantly moving things out of her reach that we didn't realize she could reach before now.  So lots more babyproofing going on here. 


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  • DD is 11 months old today!!  She is walking all over the house.  She is able to get up off the floor now herself and walk all over instead of crawling to the couch, wall, chair, or us and pulling herself up and then taking off.  I feel all we do is say "No No" as her reach has now expanded.  We are constantly moving things out of her reach that we didn't realize she could reach before now.  So lots more baby proofing going on here. She loves to shake her head No when we say No No.

    I weighed DD last night and she was 22lbs. and 30.25in. long.  Such a big girl.  She's so tall!  She's starting to reject her pureed/jarred baby food so I'm trying to give her more table foods.  She's been getting whatever we eat for dinner, but in small amounts, but I'm going to start giving her more as I don't want her to get hungry. 

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  • I at 36 weeks now and doing pretty well...I was having some major issues trying to sleep over the last couple weeks, but last night I finally got a good night's sleep (which is weird because I took a long nap during the day, too, but I'm not questioning it!). The baby is moving around constantly during the day and it cracks me up to look down and see my whole stomach shifting around.

    The nursery is pretty close to being ready--I had my shower on Saturday and got tons of great presents, my friends and family were incredibly generous. So now I just need to wash all the new clothes, sort them by size and put them away. I have a small list of things we still need, so I'm going to order them this week.

    Last week I ordered a nursing bra and tank top from Bravado, but will definitely need to return them. The tank is too tight (but I was expecting that based on feedback from whoever posted about that), and the actual bra fits perfectly right now, which is a bad thing because there would be absolutely no room to to grow. This is especially depressing because I ordered the 3rd largest size. So I'll be returning both and ordering a super big girl bra! Fun.

  • I'm at 17 weeks (almost 18) now! My bump is getting much more noticeable and I have been feeling kicks and hiccups lately. It's very exciting but I can't believe how fast time is going!! We are going to start our registry this weekend b/c our parents are throwing us an early shower out of town in April.
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  • Today, I'm four weeks from my due date! I'm going to weekly appointments, and I've started to dilate and efface. I had a baby shower this past weekend so we've got all the major supplies except the carseat which is on the shopping list for this coming weekend. We're finishing up the paint in the nursery this weekend too!
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