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Julia!! Oh my gosh, a belated congratulations to you guys on your pregnancy! This is Liz writing, your long lost C'ville knot friend. :-) I changed my screen name (formerly needtheinfo).

How are you feeling?!

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Re: *julia&adam*

  • OMG, hi Liz!  I had no idea you had renamed youself and were expecting!  We've come full circle.. :)

    I'm feeling good, no complaints other than that I am hungry all.the.time.  :)

    How are things going for you guys?  Good hearing from you! 

  • Hey! Yeah, I renamed myself right around when I found out I was PG...I wanted to post but had lost my login info for needtheinfo. Oops. Now the bump thinks I'm a newbie. ;-) It's crazy that more than 3 years have passed and we're entering this "next stage." Is Adam bouncing off the walls?!

    Girl, I still go through period where I want to eat every piece of food put in front of me. I happen to be in one of those phases right now. Today I went to Johnny Rockets and got the most amazing milkshake of my life before getting my hair done. I was only slightly shamed by my hairdresser who politely asked me, "how much weight have you gained?"

    I can't complain, things have been going smoothly minus a bad cold and pulled back muscle, both in the past month! I have a baby shower this weekend and that makes everything even more real.

    Are you guys going to find out if it's a boy or girl at the big ultrasound? Nice to chat with you again. :-)

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  • UMMMMM...Milkshake..... ;)

    Adam is super excited, although I don't think that it has hit either of us all the way yet.. I'm guessing that will happen as my belly continues to grow and I can feel regular movement (that isn't confused with gas!)  :)

    Have fun at your shower!

  • Oh and I forgot to add, yes, we are going to find out the baby's sex. Our big sono is in 2 weeks!  I can't wait!  :)

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