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45 Baby Wipes Cost me 6K

Ugh. My bulldog last week had the runs, he eats random crap all the time so our house is not only baby proof but bulldog proof too. By friday afternoon and the pooping had not gotten better I took him to the vet. Vet did an xray and sent us straight to the emergency vet.

Emergency vet admitted him and called me at 2am the next morning saying they were rushing him into surgery. They removed 45 baby wipes from his stomach. We have NO idea how he got into them since we have them stored high up so the toddler can't get them.

Ugh, 6K later he's now home thank god, and resting. It was a scary weekend.

Re: 45 Baby Wipes Cost me 6K

  • OMG! Glad he is okay...sheesh, that is scary!
  • ooooh, glad he's okay, but that 6K has got to hurt!
  • Thanks for the tip - baby wipes far away from doggy!  Sorry it cost so much, but I'm sure he's worth it!:)

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  • Wow!  I'm sorry this happened.  I hope he's learned his lesson....baby wipes are for wiping not eating.
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  • Yikes!  I'm not sure which is more shocking - the $6K down the tubes (although I believe the vet costs) or that he had 45 wipes clogged inside him. 
  • Ugh, poor little guy. :- ( Our pets can really take us through the emotional ringer! Glad he's onto the healing stage.
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  • Oh it totally hurt, lol. Poor guy, we'd do anything for either of our dogs though.
  • Wowzers!  So sorry to hear that!  Glad that he is ok, though.
  • Oh my goodness! Thanks for the warning - I didn't think a dog would eat something like that. I'll have to remember that when DD comes along. Glad to know he made it okay and that he's healing from the surgery.

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  • omg.  glad he is ok though.  yikes.
  • Oh no!  I'm glad your dog is okay. 
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  • oh my goodness.  that is so scary!  i am glad the dog is ok.  animals.....

     my cat is currently at the vet because he ate chinese food and is now just sick.

  • Oh gosh!  I'm glad he's okay!!
  • Oh my goodness, I am so sorry! ?How scary. ?I'm glad he is doing okay now.
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  • Wow, I know that story is in my future with 2 beagles that eat anything. We're pretty well beagle-proof/baby proof but they always manage to get something. So, thanks for the PSA--I wouldn't have thought to be so careful with wipes. Glad to hear everything is ok!
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