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Birthing class at VHC this Sat.

We're going this this weekend. I saw on the confirmation email that they want us to bring two pillows and a blanket. I can see it and H sitting on floor practicing breathing. My H is going to love this!!! Anyone already go? How was it overall?

Re: Birthing class at VHC this Sat.

  • Please post after the class and say how it was- that will probably be where I go when I get further along!
  • I will be attending the class with DH this weekend.  We both laughed when we saw on the"syllabus" that episiotomy would be the topic of discussion right before lunch!
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  • DH and I went to the Saturday class at VHC about a month ago and it was pretty good. I think the name of the lady who taught our section was Susie, she was very, very experienced and did a good job.

    One thing to note, we did not use the pillows and blanket...our teacher actually said that she wished they would stop asking people to bring them because there was no way she was going to ask a bunch of pregnant women to sit on the floor--especially since we don't give birth on the floor ;-) But I guess that maybe some of the instructors still use them (not sure).

    Anyway, we found the class for informative, but I could have done without the videos (which thankfully they show AFTER lunch!). I'm scarred for life from watching the videos ;-)

  • You won't need the pillows and blankets. The class was ok, informative but not worth the money in my opinion. I learned just as much from watching Deliver Me and Birth Day on TLC.

    The tour of Women & Infant was good.

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