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Doctor Visit today

Had a doctor visit today.  Actually saw a doctor...not my midwife.  My blood pressure was usual there..up...then down...then up....I had +1 protein again, but the doc says that happens a lot at this point in pregnancy.


The great thing is that I had a sonogram and my little girl has grown a lot!  At 33 weeks, she was 4 lbs...a bit on the small side.  Today, she was 5 lbs, 8 up 1 1/2 lbs.  I am so happy about that.  Everything looked gread in the sonogram....


The doc didn't seem overly concerned with my bp...I mean, it's not good, but he said, rest, take it easy and do not stress! LOL.  Easier said than done!  

 So, I'm home...resting, reading, watching TV.  Glad to be home and not in the hospital.  I go back next week to my midwife...doc said, let's just get you to next week (37 weeks) and we'll go from there


So, keep the good thoughts coming!! I appreicate all of them!

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