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Newbie & first prenatal

Hi, This is my first post. I am seven weeks pregnant. I want to shout it from the rooftops, but at the same time, don't want to get too excited too early. I think I'll feel better after my first prenatal visit on Wednesday. Can you tell me what to expect at this appointment? (It's with Dr. Bannon in McLean) Also, when did you tell your friends and family? Thanks ladies!

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  • Congratulations! And welcome to the board.

    My first prenatal appointment was just a little over a week ago. They first did a sonogram (vaginal) and we got to see the embryo and hear the heartbeat. They did a very thorough medical history and we got to talk to the doctor about all our questions and concerns. Then there was a blood draw, urine sample, and Pap, plus a BP and weight check. It took a while - over an hour - but I think subsequent visits are usually shorter.

    I would put together a list of questions and concerns you have, so that you don't forget when you get there. I'm really glad DH came with me, because he got to see and hear the little guy and it really made it real.

    As for telling friends/family - immediate family we told at 6 weeks. Close friends we told after my appointment. Everyone else, we're waiting until after my 12 week appointment, just to be sure.

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  • Congrats and welcome! Ditto to what tomandcourt said about the first visit content. I actually didn't have a sonogram at my first visit, I think it depends on the doctor and office policies. My old OB/GYN didn't do sonograms until week 12 unless there was an issue. I ended up having some spotting around week 6 so I had one then. DH and I were both emotional when we saw a little bean with a heartbeat.

    I think everyone feels differently about when the right time to tell is. We told immediate family very early (5-6 weeks) but didn't tell anyone else until 12 weeks. Whatever works for you guys.

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  • Congrats on your pg!  My first prenatal visit was a little different as I had a different start to my pg.  The first with my OB though included questions about family history (so it was good to have my DH there as I knew nothing about his family history), internal exam, b/w and bp.  With our previous history of m/c we didn't tell any family until the end of my first trimester.  I did tell a couple close friends prior to that, but otherwise we waited to tell everyone else until we finally heard the heartbeat at the end of my first tri.

     BTW where in Falls Church are you?  I'm off of Sleepy Hollow Rd.

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  • Thanks everyone! I am really hoping to get a sonogram, as I think that will help make it "real" for me. In the meantime I am taking it day by day and going to enjoy as much as I can. Looking forward to talking with you all frequently!

    ps - I am on Summerfield Rd, off of Lee Highway/S Washington. Out of curiosity, did you deliver at INOVA ffx or VA hospital or elsewhere?



  • I had my first appt close to 9 weeks- they did an internal ultrasound and we saw the baby and the heartbeat at that time- it was amazing! They'll take blood, check your weight and urine. If you haven't already, they'll also ask for a history of you and your partner. Good luck and congrats!

    We waited to tell our families until after the first appt when we had ultrasound pics to show them- it felt more real at that point. We waited to tell close friends till closer to 11/12 weeks- only b/c we were at a wedding with my best friends and I wanted to tell them in person. I didn't tell work people until the 2nd trimester.

  • Congrats!!! Dr. Bannon is my OB and she is wonderful. From what I remember I had some blood work and urinalysis done, gave a family/personal medical history, and had an internal ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy (She found the yolk sak).  She also sent me home with some pre-natal vitamin samples. I went back about 5 weeks later to confirm a heartbeat and from then on started the usually visit schedule. You will love her.

    Good luck and congrats!!!

  • I delivered at INOVA Fairfax.  I found it a great hospital to deliver at.
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  • Congratulations! 

    At my first appointment, we had to fill out a family health history report.  It was very helpful to have DH with me, as I don't know all of the details of his family.  I had some blood drawn for various tests, and then they did a sonogram to verify the pregnancy.

    We told our families pretty much right away.  I waited until I was about 12 weeks to tell friends.


    We treated our first appointment as our stupid question appointment and came with a list. DH came for the appointment and had his share of questions and we got to see the heartbeat and really liked our doctor. 

    We answered a medical history, i gave blood and got weighed.

    we told our parents after seeing the heartbeat at 9 weeks, we will tell our siblings and close friends after my 12 week appointment this week. 

     I am not with Dr Bannon but a bunch of my friends use her for GYN and LOVE her.

    Good luck!


  • congrats, welcome!

    my 1st prenatal took 3 hrs b/c the Dr I was supposed to see was held up delivering a baby so everything was running late, I went from a NP to a nurse back to NP, it was crazy

    we didn't tell anyone except immediate family until about 13 weeks, after the results of NT scan

  • I was glad DH was with me for the first appointment. We told two friends at about 8 weeks (a friend of mine had recently been pregnant and it was nice to have someone to ask questions to) but then waited until 13 weeks to tell our family. We had some complications in the beginning and decided to not take on the stress of our parents and their constant worry :-)
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  • I met with a PA for my first visit - bloodwork, lots of information sharing back and forth btwn us. I didn't have a sonogram until week 9. I'm all set to deliver at Sibley, and I've heard good things. It's only about 15 minutes from us.

     Shout out to the Falls Church ladies :)

    We're off of Lee Hwy/29 also -- between there and West St. (On the other side of Lee) I know exactly where you are off of Summerfield. DH and I have friends who live off of Summerfield on Jackson, and DH has a coworker over there too. just minutes away!

  • Congratulations!  We told my parents when I was about 8 weeks preggo b/c we were visiting them and wanted to tell parents in person.  We told my IL's at 12 weeks and then gradually told our friends after that.

  • Congrats!  Dr. Bannon is my ob also and she is great.  At my 1st appointment (at 8 weeks), we sat with her in her office where she took down some of my medical history and answered questions we had.  Then we went to the examination room where she did a vaginal sonogram and even printed us our first baby picture (he looked like a little kidney bean).  One great thing about the practice is that they do a sonogram at every visit and you get to take home a picture pretty much every time.  It's exciting to see how much the baby grows each time!

    We told our families after our first visit.  No matter what the home test said, I had to see the sonogram myself for it to seem real.  We slowly started telling our close friends one by one after that.  I had a hard time keeping it secret! :)



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