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I'm actually at work today... :(

I can't believe it, but 4 days past my due date, I am actually in my office.  I was so convinced the baby would come this weekend and arrive when my sister and parents were in town.  My parents will come back whenever the baby comes, but my sister is only here until Wednesday morning.  Come on, baby!

Also, the one doctor I don't want to deliver me is on call tonight after 6 pm and then again on Thursday.  This gives me a high probability of getting her when I go into labor.  Ugh!!  My contractions which have been pretty regular since last Wednesday night have subsided to almost nothing today.  What gives?!?

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Re: I'm actually at work today... :(

  • that sucks! i'm sorry- you're another one past her due date! what is with all these late babies?
  • Waaaaaaaaaaaah! All these late babies don't bode well for me!
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  • poor thing.  i am so sorry.
  • oh no! I hope it all works out for you and soon!
  • Sending lots of "pushy" thoughts your way. It will be any day now!!!
  • I had a similar situation: my sister was up only for the weekend.  She says to me at 10 pm saturday night "you better not go into labor now since I have to leave tomorrow." My water broke 5 hours later - just something to think about :)
  • I'm sorry to hear this.  I hope for your sake that your DC arrives very, very shortly...come on contractions!
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  • what a bummer about your sister and docs!

    i am pretty good at predictions, and I am seeing a baby in your future! HTH with the labor movement!!!

  • I'm not loving this late baby trend either!

    GL, may the little one get impatient and start heading your way!

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