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pre-conception appt. tomorrow... anyone been to

Dr. Shin?  (in Fairfax?)

He is at the practice with Dr. Hodges and Dr. Zaita.  My friend recommended them to me, when she went Dr. Meinig was at that practice too but apparently he is not anymore and Dr. Shin is his replacement-anyone know why, or where Dr. Meinig went?

I'm nervous and excited.  They said it would be a pre-conception "consultation"- if you had this type of appointment was there a physical exam as well?  I'm going to call them later to confirm and ask that.

Re: pre-conception appt. tomorrow... anyone been to

  • I haven't been to Dr. Shin but I did have a preconception appt.  They just talk to you and order blood work.  If you are due for a pap they will probably schedule that for you too.  Good luck and enjoy the journey! 

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  • I'm not familiar with that doctor, but at my Ob/Gyn's office, an appointment labeled as a "consultation" does not involve a physical exam.  It's a meeting in the doctor's office. 

    I never had an official pre-TTC consultation with my doctor, but based on the things we talked about when I asked a few questions at my last annual exam before I got pregnant, I would guess that your appointment will be a conversation with the doctor about your and your DH's medical histories, including family medical history, to try to identify any risk factors or health issues that you want to address before conceiving. 

    Depending on what comes out in the conversation, the doctor may suggest specific bloodwork, other testing, genetic counseling or specific health goals for before you start trying.  I didn't have any specific risk factors, but my doctor did have me do bloodwork to check for rubella immunity (so I could get a shot if my immunity had run out), to screen for whether I was a carrier for cystic fibrosis and maybe one or two other things that she does for most people.

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  • Hi!  I'm new but wanted to chime in here- I just had a pre-conception consultation about a week and a half ago (Dr. DiPaolo in Arlington).  There was no physical exam-- just talked to the dr. about family history, some basic TTC dos and don'ts, got a PNV prescription, she said good luck and to call in a year if we have a problem conceiving!  Pretty simple.  It's a good time to ask questions too, so write down anything you want to know.  Hope that helps!
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  • I can't help you with the OB (although I love!!! my practice in Fairfax--Drs. Andersen, Manaavi, Muasher, Yoon).  My preconception talk was just part of my annual exam that I had prior to us starting.  Also, if they give you a prescription for a prenatal vitamin it's really not worth spending the money on.  Just get the Target prenatal vitamins as they're the same thing and much cheaper.
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