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ever spill protein?  Just wondering this was a first for me today.  They said it was plus 1....whatever that means....

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  • no, not yet.  Did they say what they were watching for or if they needed to do any medical intervention?
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  • They are concerned about Preclamsia or however you spell that!  LOL


    Worried that BP has gone up, protein in urine (minimal), slight weight gain.  Funny about the weight, I've gained less than 20 lbs up until this week and I did put on a few pounds.  Of course, they told me to eat more protein and I've been eating and doing NADA...duh....anyone would gain frickin weight! LOL


    I finished work today, so that is a good thing.  I know I'll settle down a bit now that I do not have to go there on Monday.


    They talked about hospitalization if things do not get better, which freaks me out of course!  We'll see.  I"m just wanting this little one to stay put at least for a few more weeks.  They pretty much said there was no way I was going to be pregnant for 5 more weeks...LOL...


    Anyway, so now I rest and try not to go insane!  I've got like 10 books and the internet.  Lots of movies to watch....thank you notes to write and drawers to organize!  Who could ask for more!



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  • Good luck!  I hope that baby stays put for a couple more weeks.
  • Well, Michelle, I wish you the best.  Fingers crossed that everything works out fine. At least you'll get some great rest before baby comes!
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  • I had a +2 protein. It ended up not being high enough for Pre-E. Email me if you have any Q's b/c I went through the exact same thing! Sorry!


    [email protected]?

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