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IVF. When did you get a BFP after POAS?


I just wanted to know when you POAS and finally got your BFP?

Ladies, I've become addicted to POAS, please help me. It's only 4dp5dt and I've taken 3 tests. I started by tricking myself into thinking that I took the first one to see if my trigger was out and I can't stop.

Re: IVF. When did you get a BFP after POAS?

  • 5dp5dt. ?But it was very faint and my numbers were high b/c of the twins. ?

    I also tested every morning just so I wouldn't go crazy with the waiting. ?

  • I got my first faint line at 6dp5dt.  At 4dp5dt I was still getting a trigger positive

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  • 6dp5dt, but I KNEW my trigger was out, I POAS the morning of my transfer, ad it was stark white.

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  • First test I took was 6dp5dt and got a BFP.
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  • I waited for the beta. ?my numbers were so low I probably would have had a false negative anyway. ?I didn't want to torture myself. ?It was worth the wait.
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  • 10dpiui...but I thought it was an evap line since it showed up after 10 minutes...took a test the next am and it was a bfp.

    Good luck to you!

  • LOL... you sound like me :)

    I got BFN's till the evening of 6dp5dt - that's when I got my first BFP on a FRER.  I still got BFN's on digitals for a few days after that.  I had a serious POAS problem :)

    Give it a few more days :)


  • 5dp5dt - first test and was definitely positive (twins)
  • I got my 1st VERY faint positive at 5dp5dt.  It got darker everyday after that.  My 1st beta was 9dp5dt.  Good luck!

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  • If you're using some $10 per test things, PUT THE PEE STICK DOWN.  Think about college tuition!  Maybe it's ok if they're dollar store or something like that...

    Good luck!!!

  • I tested 5dp5dt and got a BFN. I tested again 8dp5dt and got a BFP. That was the same day as my beta and based on my numbers, I probably could have tested 7dp5dt and gotten a BFP.
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  • LOL they are dollar store sticks.
  • 8 dp 3 dt...good luck!!
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  • oh it was the first test I took that cycle and the line was dark!!!
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  • I got mine at 9dp4dt and it was a very dark line. My betas were high so I probably would have gotten a BFP earlier than that but I didn't want to test earlier. I tested the day before my beta.

    Good luck!

  • I was so convinced I was going to get a BFN that I didn't test until 11dp3dt (equivalent to two days later than you), the morning of my beta.  I got an unmistakable BFP almost immediately, but I had high HCG levels with the twins.  If your HCG doubles about every 48 hours, you can see where you might just be testing too early still. 
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