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Blood Pressure Up

Blech....not the news I wanted.  It went up last week and they talked bed rest. I somehow talked them out of it for now.  I'm freaking out really.  Every little thing sends me into a spin about what is going on....having awful anxiety attacks.  I told my DH...just gimme some Xanax...but I know that's not going to happen.


Can anyone relate???

Re: Blood Pressure Up

  • I am this way post baby.  I hope you start feeling better.  If you are anything like me, bed rest would have made the anxiety worse.  Try and pawn stuff on DH that way your anxiety can chill out for a little while. 
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  • Lol, I'm having similar issues w/ the exact opposite symptoms. My blood pressure is "perfect" but I have headaches/blurry vision/rapid weight gain/swelling and am now supposed to "rest" but am not on strict bed rest or anything. If you were able to talk them out of bed rest, and if you don't show any other symptoms it seems like you'll be just fine. :) Don't stress too much, or you'll raise your bp! We'll make it through, and only a short while until our cute little babies show up! :)
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  • Awww!  Michelle, I hope it gets better for ya!  I know Lindsey can def. give you some thoughts on BP and bed rest!!
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  • I get being freaked!  Remember though: you've made it this far and everything is going to be just fine. 

    Bedrest is not as horrible as it seems and if you need to do it you'll get through it!

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