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AW: 2 month stats

We are back from Sarah's 2 month checkup! ?Shots were rough, but she was a trooper and is?currently?napping after her first dose of Tylenol.?

She weighed in at 14 lbs (above 97th percentile) and measured 24 inches long (97th percentile)! ?

She has almost gained 6 lbs since birth and gained 3 inches in length! ?Since we are EBFing, it just feels extra special knowing I created all those?squeeze-y chubbies. =) ?I am going to miss her SOOOOO much when she starts daycare next week!


Re: AW: 2 month stats

  • She looks great!!  Best wishes going back to work!  I know it will be hard.
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  • That is soooo great!  What a great feeling.  I always wished BF would have worked out better for me.  Great job!
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  • OMG!!! She is such a cutie!!!! We are going to have to get her and E together once they're a bit older!!
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