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Prenatal Pill Problem

I am unexpectedly pregnant and am now 5 weeks along.  My Dr. left me a prenatal pill care package that includes four different pill options.  I was told that women react differently to the medications so I should see which works for me.  Right now I feel a little overwhelmed about my options and was wondering if anybody had anything to say about these pills:

  1. DuetDHA
  2. PrenateDHA
  3. PrmiaCare ONE
  4. CitraNatal  DHA


Re: Prenatal Pill Problem

  • I was on PreNate Elite and they made me feel ill so my doc switched me to a chewable that works so much better

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  • I am taking PrenateDHA with stool softener and love them.

    Good luck :)

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  • I take Prenate DHA and have never had a problem.  I take it right before I go to bed.  I've been on them for over a year, and I have not had any side effects at all.  HTH!
  • I have taken DuetDHA and Citranatal DHA and didn't have a problem with either. I don't think I'm very sensitive to prenatal vitamins though...I've tried out several and none made me feel sick.
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  • i had a bad reaction to CitraNatal DHA...but my friend loved it. i guess it was an allergic reaction. i felt itchy all over. now i have been on primaCare ONE and have had no problems at all. I am also still TTC and decided to go on them now. i would just try one and see what works best for you. good luck.
  • I took PrenateDHA and loved it at first...then it hit me at about 10 weeks and made me really sick. I started taking Flintstone Vitamins under the Dr.s order, and they make me sick. I am now taking a pill that they give to cancer patients to make them stop getting nauses, and back on just the Flintstones! I am 18 weeks and still sick, I guess I am just one of the lucky ones that will be all 9 mths. but before all this started I heard that the PrenateDHA was WONDERFUL!
  • I could definitely use a chewable since I have problems swallowing the bigger pills - do you know the name of the pill? ?I've been looking around online and haven't found one yet. ?thanks!
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  • I took Prenate DHA for a while, and never had any problems with it. However, I've done a little research on vitamins, and I will tell you that I've read that most Rx prenatals aren't very good. Many vitamins just pass right through you before your body can break them down. So I switched to a brand called Doctor's Choice (recommended to me by a naturopath), and like them. I also take a DHA supplement. Omega Mom makes a DHA supplement specifically for pregnant women, so that's a good one. Good luck!
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