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Dryer sheets with baby laundry?

I've held off using them because I wanted to avoid any irritating chemicals (been using 7th generation detergent and doing a double rinse).  However, I don't think I can take the static anymore.

Do you use dryer sheets or has your baby had any problems with reactions to them?  I'm nervous to try it.

Re: Dryer sheets with baby laundry?

  • I use them and never had a problem....and I do use Dreft for her sensitive skin. Syd broke out in rashes from the lavendar baby wash. But the dryer sheets don't seem to bother her. I couldn't stand the static any longer either..i think i finally started using them around 6 mo.

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  • I've used them from the beginning without a problem, but I also wouldn't anticipate a problem since we don't have any allergies in our family.
  • Have you tried putting vinegar in the wash?

    It's supposed to get rid of static & soften stuff... without the harsh chemicals.

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  • I'll have to try the vinegar.  Any idea how much?
  • I haven't tried them, but I know I've seen dryer sheets that are scent free.  You could give those a try.
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  • We use them and he hasn't had a problem.
  • We don't use them as they reduce the flame resistance of children's sleepwear.
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  • Have you tried using dryer balls?  We use them and don't have a problem with static. 
  • Dryer sheets have some pretty nasty stuff in them I wouldn't use them.  Maybe you can try the Method brand if you have to b/c they aren't quite as nasty.  Have you tried dryer balls instead?  There are rubber and wool ones.  That may be a good alternative.  We haven't had a static problem and I never use dryer sheets.
  • They do make the dye and perfume free dryer sheets, which is what we use when needed since I have sensitive skin when pg too.
  • I've never heard of dryer balls, but they sound intriguing. Would I find them in the grocery store or somewhere like Bed Bath and Beyond?
  • Bed Bath and Beyond carries them, ours are blue with little rubber spikes.  A tennis ball (new one of course) works well too.
  • image Hey Jellisy:
    Bed Bath and Beyond carries them, ours are blue with little rubber spikes.  A tennis ball (new one of course) works well too.

    I had no idea dryer sheets were enviro bad - now I don't want to ever use them again!  I'm intrigued by the tennis ball thing - my sister puts a couple in when she dries her down coat but I've never heard anything about it otherwise.  Do you put in just one? Any idea how it works?

  • image JenGK:
    We don't use them as they reduce the flame resistance of children's sleepwear.


    very few children's sleep wear is treated to be flame retardant anymore.   It's now more common to have the child wear very snug fitting clothing to bed.   I used to work in a childrens department store, about 10 years ago,and it was common practice, but you see very little of it anymore.   Yes, it's true that dryer sheets do reduce the treatment, though.    

    I've heard good things about the balls.  I just use regular dryer sheets now, though.   

  • I use them and I also use regular detergent. I used to use Dreft but have recently switched back to Tide and I haven't had a problem with either.

  • we use tide free detergent and bounce fragrance free dryer sheets.  my skin can't handle anything else and neither can little mans.
  • You can get the dryer balls at Wegmans too (not sure about other grocery stores).  If you prefer wool ones, instead of rubber, you can get the on Etsy.com. 
  • I second that- the dyer balls are the best (and cheap!). You can get them at Bed bath and Beyond or CVS. They're around 10$. And yes, the dryer sheets contain pretty nasty chemicals. It's also best to use fragrance free/free and clear type detergents for your baby and the whole fam!

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