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Bella Bands?

anyone use one? comfy? i'm trying to concieve right now, and have a few baby showers coming up for friends. They are on sale at our target, and I was going to get one for the girls, and one for me too while I was at it. anyone used one?
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Re: Bella Bands?

  • I used it for months 3-4, then had to go into maternity. It depends how you are carrying. I carried low so there was no chance to wear it long. But friends who carried higher up got away with it until 5-6 months.
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  • I got one last week. Tried it and looks/feels comfy but I haven't started wearing it yet, my pants still fit as before.
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  • Mine was useless, I tried to use it once and it kept getting all gathered up together and twisted.
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  • Just got one today and love it. I'm just bloated and not really showing as of yet and I wear it with my jeans with the rubber band trick or with work pants and such. I found that if you double it over and have the folded part at the bottom of your pants it dosnt bunch and stays comfy all day!
  • I have mine on now and I love it.  I am trying to hold off on moving to maternity clothes and its been really comfy.
  • I have one and I love it! i wear it all the time!
  • I have one and love it! I recommend going a size up from what you normally would wear, because my normal size suffocated my belly.
  • I have mine on right now and I love it.  I'm 20 weeks and its perfect for right now when my belly isnt too gigantic yet.
  • I tired one on at Target and hated it! It felt like a girdle. It was a M/L so it was the right size. I just didn't like it but sooo many people swear by it.
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  • This is probably stupid but I don't understand what it does. How does it work?
  • I got one and found it convenient for pants that you can't extend with the rubber band trick (i.e. I have some Ann Taylor Loft jeans with a snap closure) but always feel a little compressed by it and relieved once I take it off.  I was in between sizes so even went up the bigger size, but really don't wear it too much.
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  • I think it's a waste TBH... I have not bought one because of this. I went from wearing my regular clothes to maternity. I carry my weight lower so there was no way I could have worn a bella band for very long.

    Although I have had some pregnant friends tell me that they LOVED their bella bands... I gained weight in my legs and butt too much to have done it! Whatever you do, I would just give a gift receipt with your purchase! :]

  • I lOVE mine, and I plan on saving for after the birth too when my pre-preg pants don't fit again yet. It's really been economical and great, especially in the beginning when you are just bloated and want to unbutton. However, I'm still using my pants with the band and I am WAY past bloated. Get them!
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  • I have used them since early preg.  At the earliest they help you wear your favorite pants longer (unbuttoned) and later on, keep everything smooth and belly button from showing thru your shirt.  On sale? Grab them!
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