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Breast Pump advice...

Hi girls...

I'm having some issues with breast feeding, but, I want to make sure I keep the bewbies stimulated & the milk flowing...

Do you have breast pump recommendations, and, advice on where I should buy one at the best price?

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Re: Breast Pump advice...

  • I am not a mama just yet, but my advice would be to get to a lactation consultant as soon as you are having trouble. ?From what I understand, they can be really helpful in those first few days.

    I am probably going to get a Medela (Pump in Style or Freestyle). ?You are in Maryland correct? ?Breast pumps are tax free there!?

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  • If you aren't already, I'd highly rec seeing a lactation consultant.  I like the Medela Pump in Style, no complaints.  I took a 20% off coupon to BRU and bought it there.  The lactation consultant I saw also sold pumps, rented pumps etc from their office.
  • I like my Medela Pump in Style

    def. see an LC


  • I agree - either see a LC or call your local LLL leader for personal advice on dealing with BFing problems, latch, etc. I have a Medela PISA and like it a lot; I've also heard good things about Ameda's double breast pump. You could also rent a hospital grade one for the short-term; may be covered by your insurance.

    While DC is so young though it's best to just use breast if you can. Once you have a good latch, your baby is more efficient at keeping the bewbies stimulated than any pump will be. That's where the LC/LLL leader come in to help you get going! GL!

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  • I really like my Ameda Purely yours. I saw a medela model once (not sure which model) and i found it entirely too confusing to use. i feel like my ameda is quick and to the point, and i get good results.
  • I started pumping when DD was around 2 weeks old I think with an electric pump and I used a manual pump when my milk came in to relieve engorgement.  I rented an electric pump from the Northern VA Lactation Consultants and ended up buying a Medela Free Style pump from them 2 weeks later. 

    I agree with pp that you should talk to a lactation consultant, however, I didn't realize how much a consultation cost so be prepared.  I made an appointment to get a pump and somehow the office thought I was coming in for a consultation so I had to fill out all this paperwork.  Luckily I read the fine print and it was around $80 just for the consultation.  Once they realized I just needed the pump it was fine and I got a lot of individualized attention and bought some nursing bras as well.  When I went to purchase the pump I thought I had mastitis and one lady (Josie - she's great) reassured me that I did not and took the time to show me how the pump worked.

    The Free Style pump is great because it's so small and really easy to carry around if you're planning on going back to work.  I found it as efficient as the hospital grade one I rented too.  The price was around the same as Babies r Us, possibly higher, but I feel better knowing my money is going to a good cause.  Good luck!

  • BFing was stressful at first, but we both quickly got hang of it and are still going strong. 

    Even though I was staying home for 16 weeks, I bought a pump at 4 weeks so we both could get used to it.  Also very convenient so that DH and others can help feed baby.

    I wish I had my own MM advice when I was looking:  I bought the Medela Freestyle (go me, it rocks).  This is the 'I wish' part:  I didn't feel like driving up to Great Beginnings (should have called to see if they had the Freestyle).  I looked online - they didn't.  So I went to BRU in VA - used the 20% coupon.  Had to drive to two, b/c Falls Church was out of stock.  Shortly after I went to Great Beginnings anyway.  They had the Freestyle $30 cheaper, still would have taken the BRU 20% coupon, and b/c it's a breast pump in MD would have been no tax.  Could have saved a good bit.  Grrr. 

  • Def. see a lactation consultant.

    I have both the Ameda Purely Yours and the Medela PIS, and I recommend getting the APY over the PIS.  I find it preferabe to use, and just like it better.  Plus it's cheaper.

  • Thanks for the tip on the Great Beginnings pricing, using the coupon, and MD being tax free. I will definitely remember that when it's time to purchase mine.
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  • See a LC. For me, a home visit and follow-up phone calls costed just over $200. I also rented a scale from the LC for $35/week for a week so I could closely monitor DD's weight (we were having problems with her weight gain).

    I HIGHLY recommend renting a hospital grade pump. I rented mine from the Breastfeeding Center at INOVA Fairfax Hospital. It was $180 for the first 5 months, then $1/day afterward. The model I had was the Ameda Elite.

    I had supply issues too and the pump actually helped my supply go up. I was up to 6oz for my morning session after I returned to work.

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