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Mirena ladies

I had Mirena put in on Monday (the day after my period). I had cramping and spotting all day, but it stopped that night. Yesterday I started bleeding and cramping as if I were on my period and it hasn't stopped yet. I'm wondering if I've started my period again and if it has something to do with the Mirena. Did anyone have that happen to them?

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  • Not me.  But, I never had my AF.  I am still BFing.  I did have some spotting a few days afterwards.

    Call your doctor if it keeps up, but I think that cramping and spotting is normal afterwards.

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  • I alternated b/t light spotting and full on bleeding for at least a month after the insertion.
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  • I bled/spotted for 6 wks.  I wouldn't worry.  If you go on the Mirena website, it says all these things are possible.

  • I got mine put in at my 6 week appt.  I spotted/bled for 4 weeks after insertion, totally normal.  I'm still BFing and haven't had any bleeding since.
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