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Maternity clothes for Canadians

Hi all,

I'm looking for cute, less-expensive maternity clothes online. Most of the sites I've visited don't ship to Canada. Any ideas of Canada-friendly online sites?


Re: Maternity clothes for Canadians

  • Does the Gap ship to Canada? They have good clothes? Target sometimes has good clothes too- on the less expensive side of course. Do they ship to Canada?
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  • Sadly, no. Especially since they have cute stuff. Thank you though! Might just have to brave the malls.
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  • What city are you in? There are some great, non-mall boutiques in Edmonton. A bit pricey, but cute stuff:



  • Thanks CanadianGurl. I'm in Edmonton - I'll have to check it out.?Happy shopping for me!

  • Ricki's has recently started selling some maternity stuff.
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  • I'm Canadian too.. YO! ;-) Recently I ordered baby stuff from Target (including maternity clothes that I'm actually really happy with) and because they dont ship to Canada, I had the items shipped to a place called Ship Happens. Its a company who will just hold parcels for people exacly for this reason. Its right near the border so i just drove across, grabbed it and then returned to Canada. I had to pay $4 a parcel for sending it to that address. Or you could ship it to someone you know who lives in the states and have them mail it to you thru post or bring it to you?? I didnt have much luck with Canadian websites either. I know there are nice specialty stores for us preggers in the city (Vancouver).. but i dont know if those little shops have websites. GL whatever you end up doing!

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