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what color walls?

Does anyone have any ideas, if I went with this bedding (http://tinyurl.com/dnduba) what wall color to do, besides a tan/brown? I like the bedding, but have NO idea what to do with the walls. Yet, it's so cheap and I like it that I hate to pass it up!


Re: what color walls?

  • I would do the shade of green that is on the dots. That way you could accent w/ boy or girl accents when/if you find out what your having.
  • I like the green in it... or the blue with the other, brighter colors for accent pieces.  My Great Nephew's bedding is the same...
  • what about sunshine yellow?

    OR you could do 3 beige walls & your focal wall behind the crib could be yellow?


  • Ooh, all good ideas - thanks! We're not finding out what we're having, so I want it to be fairly neutral
  • Maybe a light yellow?


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  • I have this bedding set!  I'm not pregnant but I'll be taking care of my soon-to-be-born nephew 2-3 days a week so I wanted something gender neutral enough for when we have our first child (which hopefully will be this year).  My walls are tan and we are going to do an accent wall in the red or green that matches the bedding.  I would do yellow but the crib I am getting from MIL is yellow.  When we do have our first I'll put a border of painted circles in matching colors around the room like a border.
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