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Where to get artwork laminated?

I have some masterpieces Sarah did and want to keep them in good shape for holidays to come.  Where is a good place to get stuff laminated?  Or should I invest in one LOL

Re: Where to get artwork laminated?

  • Teacher supply stores like School Box or Lakeshore are usually the cheapest and they don't ask if you are a teacher! I still shop at Lakeshore for kids gifts even though I am no longer teaching!

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  • Yeah, I was going to say School Box too. Just don't go to Kinkos! They're ridiculously expensive. Also, I saw an archival idea on Oprah once. You could (if you don't care about preserving something in its original condition) take a picture of the piece and make a book out of all of her artwork.
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  • Julie...I have a laminator...if you'd like to use I'm more than happy to share!
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