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Maternity clothes for TALL women...

I need to find some decent jeans and pants that come in either tall or long sizes, besides gap or old navy since they always seem to be out of my size.  Any suggestions?

Re: Maternity clothes for TALL women...

  • I am on the same hunt as you!  I am 6ft tall and on the curvier side of the spectrum.  I went to Motherhood and was surprised to find that their plus size maternity jeans have a much longer inseam then the regular sizes, so these work for me. 

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  • I actually just bought a pair of maternity pants from Target over the weekend and they pretty much are dragging on the ground... never happens to me since I'm 5'9.  I love these pants and could live in them forever!!
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  • I found this site that offers long inseams in maternity:

    Tall girl shop also has maternity.

    I think both of these are a bit pricey, but you do what ya have to I guess.  I will be in the same boat when I get pregnant.

  • I'm in the same boat..but I haven't had to buy pants yet. ?I've started looking though, because I know I'm going to have trouble. ?I've been looking for maternity pants that have a cuff...then you can undo them. ?GL!
  • also has some ok pants. ?Their jeans actually look cute. ?
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