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What do you wish you did NOT buy?


Re: What do you wish you did NOT buy?

  • The bottle sterilizer was a complete waste...as well as the Baby Bjorn and Peanut Shell sling, which have both been used  once.

    Also, agree  with pp about the boppy pillow...it was way easier just to use pillows...so I never really used that  as well as its  extra cover.

    I have about a million burp cloths, blankets, bibs  and  washcloths that will never be used ( I received them  as gifts)...and although people kept telling me I could never have too many...there is  no way I could every use them all!

  • Bumbo...got it as a gift and DS hated it. The Boppy pillow works well for some, I found it cumbersome and bulky. Didn't like the Swaddle Me, Miracle Blankets are fantastic. We didnt know what we were having so we avoided all the ridiculous baby outfits. I can't even imagine putting shoes on a newborn!

    There are a lot of things mentioned that we used and still use all the time. I still use receiving blankets, burp cloths and wash cloths everyday. Bassinet, PNP, walker, swing, jumper, Chicco Travel System were/are all musts for us. It really depends on you and your baby. I would buy as you need it and if your friends have things you can try first, that is great too.

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  • mini pnp. totally useless. Our home was too small for a regular PNP, but the mini is a waste.
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  • a swing, but there was no way for us to know he would not like it. ?If I had it to do over again I would have borrowed one first to try it out
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    read the book "parenting, inc." by pamela paul.

    from cover: "how we're sold on $800 strollers, fetal education, baby sign language, sleeping coaches, toddler coture, and diaper wipe warmers, and what it means for our children." love it!

     I totally agree with this book recommendation.  One thing to remember is that a lot of those "baby must have" lists are provided by retail stores who, wait for it, want you to spend money!!

    We got a wipes warmer as a gift and DH LOVES it, but it's definitely a waste of $ in my book.

    Spending $$$ on bedding & nursery decoration.  Looking back, I realize that my only outlet for baby stuff was to plan the nursery.  Luckily I'm pretty frugal, so I didn't spend too much on the nursery, but I see a lot of people getting out of control with that.  Makes more sense to save the money for later.

    Keep the tags on until you use an item and save receipts to you can return gifts or things you don't use!  


  • If you have friends or family with kids slightly older, I would suggest borrowing things from them either because you only use them for a very short amount of time, or to let you try them out before you invest.  We have passed around between three of us, the swing, the infant bouncy seat, the activity saucers, play mats, bumbo, bjorns, slings, toys, bottle warmers, etc.  It has saved soooo  much money and space- when we are done, we just pass it on!
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