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Difference in Triumph Advance and LX?

I can't seem to find the difference in the Evenflo Triumph Advance, and the Advance LX. Is there one? I'm going to buy one this week, and I just wanted to make sure I was buying the right one that everyone had been raving about. (We're going to buy the brown and green one I think, the one that's not LX) But the LX is $10 cheaper?
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Re: Difference in Triumph Advance and LX?

  • My brown and green LX came with an attachable cup holder. Is that the difference? I think the DLX difference is the padding has a little more cushion.?
  • We are actually buying one of these this weekend too (the DLX model).  I talked to a salesperson at Babies R Us and she told me the only difference between the Advance, DL and DLX are the fabric.  She said if you remove the fabric, the car seat itself is exactly the same.  HTH!
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  • I bought the advance this weekend. The sales guy said the padding was the only difference.
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