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I have a problem.

It's some kind of ridiculous need to overfeed people who come to my house. I know I am doing it, but I can't seem to stop. I also have to make absolutely everything entirely myself. Again, I know it's fine to buy things not homemade, but somehow can't convince myself to do it when I'm entertaining. As a result, my Thanksgiving/Christmas is heinous every year because I spend all day cooking/baking. I bake like 12-15 dozen cookies every year, too.

And, for the Super Bowl tomorrow, I have us, my mom, my stepdad, and my dad to feed. So, a total of four adults and five kids (ack, we're outnumbered!). I am making:

Vegetarian chili
Chili con carne
Homemade corn bread w/ honey butter
Sliders w/ both beef and veggie burgers w/ homemade garlic aoili
Homemade buffalo wings w/ homemade blue cheese
Homemade soft pretzels w/ homemade cheese sauce
Red velvet cupcakes w/ white chocolate cream cheese frosting (decorated for the Cardinals)
Devil's food cupcakes w/ vanilla buttercream frosting (decorated for the Steeler's)

Is there a 12-step program for the need to be Martha Freaking Stewart every time people set foot in my home? I need it. I make myself miserable and exhausted and can't stop!

Re: I have a problem.

  • here's where we differ...

    i plan these great meals, make lists of all the delicious things i'll make, print out recipes, make shopping lists. and then i NEVER DO IT! i convince myself i can't pull it off and then run out of time and order take out. i always talk myself out of it by saying they won't like it, it'll turn out bad, no one wants to eat my cooking... ugh!

    so if you can send me a little of your m. stewart-ness (along with some of those cupcakes), i would REALLY appreciate it.

  • Can I come over?! Sounds yummy
  • Put down the spatula and back away, Jody. Just let it go.

    LOL. I feel you. That's every party I ever thow, and everything that ever happens at my mom's. I've done all the cooking at her house since I was 12. She can barely boil water by herself anymore.

    But we don't give a damn about the Cards here in Steeler Country, so I'm saved from part of that.

    My menu has been completely gutted from the other day, BTW. It's now sloppy JoePas ('cause we're still Penn State fans, even watching NFL ball) with homemade rolls, potato skin nachos, barbecue chicken dip with tortillas, and lemon poundcake with dark chocolate ganache frosting.

  • I keep threatening to order pizza for Christmas next year because this year was such an awful mess for me trying to cook and juggle the babies. Maybe if you and I could become one person we'd have the right balance of cooking and buying stuff :)
  • I can't help you with your problem, but reading your post just convinced me to get up and make a snack!
  • Step away from the stove! It's excessive and unnecessary. Order a pizza, make a dip, chill some beer...you'll have a better time and your guests will still leave full and happy.

  • Are you sure Jodi you are not Latin?  This addiction is a sad sad reality in my culture.  You can not walk into a Puerto Rican's home and not have a 5 course meal offered to you!  It is a hopeless genetic addiction that I too have contracted!  But it makes for a happy family Wink
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  • Lori, do you have a good sloppy joe recipe? My kids like them and have had them at my dad's house and I was thinking of trying to make some for them one of these days as a surprise.

    And, for god's sake, now I am thinking that I could whip up some potato skin nachos. I really need to back slowly away from this post and my kitchen lol.

  • I think it all stems from my grandmother, aka the woman who would cook for 40 people when there were 4. Is there an overfeeding English/Irish/Scottish gene? LOL!
  • I would like to request  a to-go box please. I have a tendency to over cook, but I have no problem buying some of the stuff at the store.  We will be having take out wings and seasoned fries from a local brewery.....then a new diet will start on Monday.
  • image jodynjames2005:
    I think it all stems from my grandmother, aka the woman who would cook for 40 people when there were 4. Is there an overfeeding English/Irish/Scottish gene? LOL!
    No, that's the boil-everything-to-death gene.
  • I'm coming to your house!
  • Jody - I use my grandma's recipe, the one that she hauls out for every family get together that doesn't involve a turkey or a ham. Yummy, adaptable and impossible to screw up. And my husband, who hates Manwiches, loves them. So score.

    You fry hamburger with onions and green peppers. (Sometimes, when my mother isn't looking, I will very finely chop mushrooms and slip them in, too. But Mom hates mushrooms, so we don't say anything. Celery also sometimes makes an appearance if it's in my refrigerator. Also, sometimes carrots, if they are lying around with nothing better to do. But all vegetables must be chopped until their atoms split or my brother doesn't eat them. Chop accordingly for your kids.) Season with salt and pepper. I also throw in a little minced garlic, but that's optional.

    Drain the meat. Return to skillet with tomato soup (I start with a can, then add the other stuff, and if it looks like it needs more, I might throw in another can or two. All depends on how much meat you start with.), about 1/4 c. catsup, a tablespoon or so of mustard, a splash of vinegar, and a few tablespoons of brown sugar.

    Pile on buns. Excellent with potato chips. In our house, we would stick the potato chips in the sandwich so it would crunch.

  • MMM...saving for Lori's recipe!
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  • Wow, yum, thanks Lori! I'll make that this week for the kidlets!
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