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Nightly leaking and!

I can't go a night without leaking all over the bed (and myself and probably poor DH as well) and waking up painfully engorged. Lucy is going about 4-6 hours between feedings at night and it is killing my breasts. I don't know how to remedy this. I would love to pump to relieve the engorgement, and also would be more than happy to get more milk stored up, but I've heard that will increase my supply (which is MORE than enough, poor Lucy gets sprayed in the face every time she eats!). Anyone have any tips? I leak through multiple breastpads, Lilypadz, through towels...everything. There is nothing more unpleasant than waking up in the morning to breastmilk running down your shoulders to your back...its even in my hair! Any suggestions? Thank you!

Re: Nightly leaking and!

  • I know this is stupid but you are wearing a bra right? I would just pump a little off to relieve the pressure. I don't think that will increase your supply. Your body will figuare it out soon and adjust.

  • It's true that pumping with lead to over supply and it's also interesting that you are still having engorgement issue at almost a month.  I think your supply would have regulated by now.  Honestly, I would call my ped's LC to ask her or call a LLL leader to ask if this was still normal.  I still my wake up with some hurty boobs now at 7 weeks (and I know I have over supply due to pumping in the am after my son stretches out to wake up only once at night to eat) but the leaking stopped long ago.  Even the letdown leaking has slowed a lot in the last few weeks. 
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  • I still have some engorgement when DH feeds DD in the am.  It is true that pumping does increase supply, can you had express some milk before you go to bed?  I had to make my bra/tank a little tighter and that did help some.  It is never fun when you wake up covered in milk!  I was sleeping on a folded up beach towel for awhile...
  • I still have engorgment in the AM and DS is 6 months old.  Yes my supply regulated but 8 hours is still 8 hours!  I might leak a little now, but I think I stopped wearing bras/nursing pad around 4 months.  DS had dropped all his night feedings for 2 months by then (not STTN, but not feeding).  Add a pump before bed.
  • As for the leaking...try stuffing a diaper in each bra.
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