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My dog has a bedtime

If we don't go to bed by 10 he passes out wherever we are. Sometimes he will get mad at us and actually go in our room to lay on his bed. If I say, "Benny are you ready for bed?" he runs in there and lays down. He doesn't really sleep during the day.

Re: My dog has a bedtime

  • lol! my dog hates "bedtime". prolly cause he sleeps till 3 or 4 in the afternoon.
  • That is too funny.  Our dog is cool with sleeping downstairs or anywhere we are but she does get pissed if we get up too early in the morning.  She will try to stay in bed under the covers until 8 AM.

     Sometimes we have to get up early and the dog will get up too but if she is still tired, she will crawl back under the covers.


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