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Let's all send Liam some sleep dust...

I know crescentmoon is going to try nighttime CIO this weekend. ?So let's all send Liam some sleep dust so that everyone can start getting some good sleep soon in their house! ?GL to you crescentmoon --we're thinking of ya!!

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Re: Let's all send Liam some sleep dust...

  • ::dumps a truckload of sleepdust on Liam::

    and BTW Crescent - are you still having nighttime diaper issues? if so - I have found the end-all-be-all-miracle!!!?

  • *sleep dust fairy*

    and hopes that rachel and liam are on the road to many nights of good sleep!  


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  • Lots of sleep dust for Liam!!! ?Good luck!
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  • Thanks ladies!  We are doing Ferber tonight.  I am pretty terrified!  Hopefully it won't be as bad as I am imagining.

    BTP - what's your nighttime diaper solution?  I've actually taken a break and been using Pampers overnight while we solve his sleep problems.  It was stressing me out when he would wake wondering if the diaper was too wet, or too bulky, or somehow bothering him.  Hopefully we'll have him back in nighttime cloth soon!

    Rachel & Bill 9-10-05, Liam Andrew born 5-30-08 (formerly lakebride05)
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  • imagecrescentmoon99:

    BTP - what's your nighttime diaper solution??


    She is a nestie (GladToBeMrs.SRS...on the EFF board) who makes custom diapers, etc. She made hemp inserts (only $3.50 each) that are made from a jersey hemp (or something like that). I use one of her inserts under a MF insert in his BG 3.0 - NO LEAKS in a WEEK! And J is usually in that diaper from about 6pm until almost 8am. I know Liam has issues w/ moisture against his skin, as does Jeremiah, so the suedecloth inner of the BG has really helped - no rash, no leaks, it's heavenly! She does everything custom though, so you'd have to convo her on Etsy. She was very nice & I really can't sing her praises enough.

  • Goooo Liam go!

    BTP- I am so glad to hear a great local review of those. I've been dying to try some, and they are so cheap I might just go ahead and order 1 or 2...

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  • I hope last night went well Rachel! I was thinking of your guys last night!!!!
  • So, we survived the first night of Ferber.  My plan had been to do a dreamfeed at around midnight, and then not pick him up until morning.  Well, Liam woke at 9:30 and screamed until 11.  I was pretty proud of DH and me.  I think it helped that we were still up, so we just turned the sound down pretty low on the monitor and stayed busy to keep our minds off it.  We took turns going up to check on Liam at Ferber's intervals.

    We were starting to wonder if he would ever give up and go to sleep, and by the end, I was pretty sure Liam had a poopy diaper but there was no way I was going to pick him up and strip him down to change a diaper at that point - then we'd have to go through all that crying again!  After he finally quieted down at 11, I could hear him hiccuping through the monitor for about another half an hour - that broke my heart even more than the crying :(

    There was no way I was getting him up at midnight for a dreamfeed after all that, so I just let him sleep until he woke at 3:30.  He was indeed quite smelly, so I got him up to change him.  He had some nasty diarrhea, which oddly enough I think is his reaction to CIO.  Both times I have let him cry at naptime, the exact same thing has happened.  Weird?  Better than vomiting all over the crib I guess.  After I changed him, I fed him and then put him down awake.  He whined and fussed for about 15 minutes but never cried enough that I felt I needed to go in and do a check.

    After that, he slept until 6:45 this morning!  My child has NEVER slept that late in his crib by himself.  Usually by 5 or 6, he always winds up in our bed.  He woke up really happy too, which made me happy.  I don't feel like we scarred him from the crying LOL.

    So, I know the battle is far from won.  I know tonight and tomorrow night will probably be worse than last night.  But we're gonna hang in there.  And best of all, Liam and I both got enough sleep last night to make it to the GTG today - yay!

    Rachel & Bill 9-10-05, Liam Andrew born 5-30-08 (formerly lakebride05)
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  • yay! i swear dr. ferber is a god. seriously. hope tonight goes well!
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