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My review of White Cloud diapers...

...from Wal-mart. People apparently rave about them, according to Baby Bargains.

I give them two thumbs DOWN! No No

They are ill fitting, not contoured at all, and just don't seem absorbent. Holly woke up from her nap with her clothes soaked in pee!... then had a poopy blowout, which I could see through the diaper..It didn't seem to absorb any of it when I changed her.. that doesn't happen with Pampers or Huggies..

Oh well.. I'm not opposed to store brand, but I don't think we'll even be finishing this pack.. I'll give the Target brand a try once she's in 1's... It doesn't look like they have NB's... 

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Re: My review of White Cloud diapers...

  • When Christian was a newborn, we tried all sorts of diaper brands, but I only liked Pampers. ?Once he got a little older, we tried Target brand again, and liked them better than the first time we tried them. ?if we pick a pack of them up, we only use them for daytime, because they aren't super absorbant.
  • Really?  I like them but we didn't try them until DD was in size 3s.

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  • My sister actually just told me that they weren't so swell ... but the parent's choice was pretty good. I was surprised b/c I know you read the reviews from BB's saying the White Clouds were good!
  • I'm glad you posted this....I debated buying some last week and hadn't heard any reviews about them. DS is in size 2 but I might just stick with what I know works.
  • Parent's Choice are great , though I don't know how they'd do for a little baby...we tried them when she was in 2's. They don't fit quite like swaddlers, more like baby dry's. They're pretty comparable to Pampers though...very absorbent, soft.

    Tried Target brand when she was in NB, they sucked. Very plastic-y and didn't absorb s**t (literally!). Stick out tongue 

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