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Ferber and rolling over

Im not sure what to do since ds is rolling over to his belly and gets stuck there.  He is waking every 2 hrs now where he used to go 4 hr stretches.  Every time I or my dh go in there to put him on his back he screams and the only thing to calm him is my boob(and it's not to nurse)

Anyone try ferber around this time when dc was rolling to their tummies?  Im thinking of waiting until he can roll back(which i think is a few wks out).  Or, keep trying what we are doing and let him cry on his tummy?

Re: Ferber and rolling over

  • is ds a tummy sleeper? if not, have you tried swaddling again in the off chance that he wouldn't roll?
  • Hadley has been rolling to her belly in her sleep for 3 months! Yep, 3 months and her figuring out how to roll back is not looking so ggod!  I wouldn't try swaddling as I think it is improtant for them to have theri arms free while on their belly, if they can't roll they could atleast push up if they needed air.  What we did was bring back the sleep positioner and it seems to work 90% of the time.  And yes we did ferber and as long as she was in the positioner she was fine.  If she happened to roll we would roll her back and keep at it (I think Ferber reccomends against moving them but I just couldn't leaver her stuck on her belly)
  • i was just about to post this same thing except DD can roll both ways but i think she is just too tired and mad to do it. I just read the book and haven't started Ferber yet b/c i am nervous and not sure what to do about the rolling over part.?
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  • My DS rolls from his back to belly, then gets stuck there. He does not like to fall asleep on his tummy. He's only rolled tummy to back a few times. We do something like Ferber and I always go in and flip him over. Sometimes that's all it takes. For daytime naps, I leave the door open a crack so I can see if he rolls over. It happens more in the daytime for us. I think they need to be able to move around when you do Ferber, so I would not suggest swaddling. For example, my son often rolls to his side to fall asleep.
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