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I don't know what their fascination is with the nursery.  They were just scratching at the door and woke the baby!  I shooed them all off downstairs, but I doubt they'll stay there.  Cookie isn't too bad, but Mouse is the worst.  She does crap like this all the time.  She got into DD's diaper bag and destroyed the brand new Soothie paci holder I had just gotten her.  She has stolen about 1/2 a dozen Soothie pacis and mangled them (I don't know how she gets them), and she's chewed up 1/2 a dozen bottle nipples.  She's more like an ill-mannered dog than a cat!

Re: [email protected] cats!

  • Get out the water spray bottle!
  • careful with those nipples! my mom's cat is a rescue, and at his former home he chewed baby bottle nipples and had to have major surgery when they discovered they were stuck :(

    crazy cats!!

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  • If only it would work.  Cookie flees in terror just at the sight of it, but Mouse looks at me like, "Right, b!tch.  Bring it on!"  Ugh!  She's not even supposed to be here, still.  She's a foster kitten.  Her brother and sister have found homes, but she's still here.  She's 8 months old, so time is ticking.  The older she gets, the harder it will be.
  • lol, sorry. yeah they do the most craziest things. ziggy is in love with ds playmat and want to sleep on it. i find that if i hide the playmat on him, he does something spiteful like bite the box the case of diapers are in or chew on my diaper bag handle or something like that. you can't win no matter what you do.

    tip: i found really good use out of the lint roller. i roll it over ds playmat and bouncer to eliminate cat hair. it works wonders. lol

  • Ohhh, yeah.  She is definitely a chewer.  She ruined the zippers on my purse, John's dress shoe laces, and John's laptop cord.  She even chewed the power cord for the phone in half!  I don't know how she didn't get fried. 
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