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so i must not listen well

because i could not for the life of me figure out where my crazy sudden under-the-skin-painful acne around my mouth and jawline was coming from. reading all these articles, trying all these crazy products till it dawned on me today. Its my damn Mirena! I am getting hormonal acne, and DUH!

We were planning on trying for another anyway around April-ish, and since my OB is like a month out for appointments, im making that appt on Monday. Plus im freaked that I dont get my period on this thing. Just weirds me out! Next time I'm going with a non  hormonal choice thankyouverymuch!

Re: so i must not listen well

  • Yeah, it took me a while to figure out it was my Mirena as well. But it actually has gotten a lot better this month. I've had it in since October.
  • LOL!  BC can do that to you... it could be worse though!  I've been on fertility meds since August and I have a lot of joyful side effects... oh well, what can you do Wink
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