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Question about the mini-pill

I am no longer BF'ing DD as of yesterday...  And am due to start a new pack of pills.  I have 1 more pack of the mini-pill (at home), and a prescription for my regular BCP at the pharmacy.  If I take the mini-pill and am not BF'ing, is it still as effective?
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Re: Question about the mini-pill

  • nope. effectiveness drops waaaay down. My OB told me to call and switch as soon as I stopped BF.
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  • OB said with regular pill, 2 or 3 will get pregnant with perfect use. With the mini pill, 4 or 6 will get pregnant with perfect use. I am on mini pill and not BFing. Can't take regular pill.
  • unless you want to take the risk of getting pg I would defintely switch to your regular pill, the mini pill isn't worthless without BF but it isn't as effective as the real stuff.

    If you are BF at all, even once a day then you need to stay on the mini pill

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