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Date night was awesome..until...

The puking started....

We had an amazing dinner and really felt like a couple again. It was just awesome.

We got back to my cousin's house to pack up Colin, got everything in the car and I picked him up he was dead to the world but all of a sudden he coughed and threw up all over me and the rug in my cousin's guest room. I thought he was done and went to get new clothes out of his bag, came back in and he was heaving in my cousin's lap. I felt SOOOO bad! He finally calmed down and was able to take a sip or 2 of water. We got him home and transfered him to the crib with no problem. I have NO idea what happened to make him sick We'll see how he feels in the morning, or before. I am afraid to feed him anything else but I think he will wake up hungry at some point, unless he has a bug or something.

 All in all we had a wonderful time together and our meal was amazing. Nothing like a little throw up to snap ya back into mommy and daddy mode.

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Re: Date night was awesome..until...

  • Poor guy...I hope Colin's feeling better. Glad you had a good time! DH and I went to the Gwinnett Gladiators game and he laughed at me when I asked how long the player was going to be in "time out" (he was in the penalty box)...can't get away from being a parent!
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  • SO sorry!!!! that is the pits.  Glad your dinner was good though.Smile
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  • Yay for reconnecting! Boo for being sick :(  Thats awful.  I'm glad he saved it for after his shoot though! HA HA!
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