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nursing attire

just curious if everyone has a favorite nursing bra? I have one from target, and I need to get more. And what does everyone wear for jammie attire at night for frequent feedings? a nursing cami?

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  • I really like Bravado.  I bought a couple at the beginning of my 3rd tri and wore them everyday until I delivered.  I still wear them even though I discovered I can't nurse DS.
  • I wear nursing tanks instead of nursing bras. They are more comfy for me, and when I nurse in public you don't see all of my back or belly.

    I wear them to sleep too.

    I have Glamourmom tanks - they are pricey, but awesome!?

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  • I just received 2 from Medela so I could use them with my Freestyle pump and I LOVE them!  They have large sizes (for my now size Gs), underwire, and are super soft.  They were $40 ea.

  • I like Bravado also.  Pricey, but so comfy.  I got a couple of their bras and just wore them with a cami over them under a long sleeved shirt. I would take off the long sleeved shirt, and pull the cami down one side at a time to nurse/pump.  That way my stomach/back was never exposed.  I also got one of their nursing tanks, but it is kinda low cut.  I liked wearing regular camis over a bra instead - kept me warm!
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  • My favorite bras are from Bravado, so comfy since my boobs have grown so much - from a DD to a F.

    I wear a nursing tank to bed sometimes or a more sports bra-ish nursing bra from Bravado.  The bodysilk ones are my "day" bras.  

    I also use my old Bella Band during the day under my shirt so I'm not exposing my tummy when I'm trying to nurse, no one needs to see the flab! 

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