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Moby or Moby D?

I always see Moby mentioned around here as a great carrier, but I'm confused if people are specifically talking about the Moby (minus the D) or just the brand (meaning either just the plain Moby or the Moby D are equally good).  Which one and why?

Re: Moby or Moby D?

  • I have the regular Moby and love it, but I hear the MobyD is better for supporting heavier kids, so you can use it longer.  I have an Ergo to use later on, so I wasn't worried about that.
  • Love your LO's middle name BTW.  We have this one:

    and this one

    and neither is giving me the close to body snug fit that I want.  I want something that feels like an extension of myself if that makes sense.  The first one is more of a dad carrier or an "at the zoo" type carrier to me.  The second one I linked is worthless.  DD looks like a sack of potatoes in it.  Moby seems like it will fit the bill, but as I said, I'm confused at which one people are referring to.

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  • We have good taste in names, apparently :)

     I don't know who has what, but the Moby and Moby D function almost exactly the same way - anyone who loves one version would probably love the other as well. The Moby is a little cheaper than the D if that makes a difference. 

    I didn't get the Moby until DD was almost 2 months and I wish I'd had it earlier!  It's so nice.  I can wrap her up in it, right now we do the front carry so she's facing me, and she usually falls asleep.  I have my hands free, which is good, and I can tuck her head under one of the straps so she's nice and secure up against me.

  • I have the regular moby and LOVE it. No idea about the D, but I would imagine it is equally good.
  • I have the D with the fleece panel, and I like it. The fleece feels very cozy and it ties on the side, but otherwise I think it's pretty much the same as the regular Moby.
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