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At what temp (fever) would you go to the ER?

DD had a runny nose yesterday and woke up with a fever of 101.1 this morning.  I called the nurse line and she told me to give her infant tylenol and told me a few things to do to make her more comfortable.  I asked her if her temp got any higher should I go to the ER.  She said if it got to 103 to call the nurse line again.  Doesn't that seem really high?  Had her temp been 102 or higher I think I would have gone to the ER rather than even called the nurse.

I remember when DD was younger the pedi said if her temp got above 100.4 to take her to the hospital.  But for a 5 month old I didn't know how high was too high. 

Thankfully her temp is now back to normal.  Hopefully it will stay that way.


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Re: At what temp (fever) would you go to the ER?

  • I would continue to give her tylenol around the clock and if the temp stays high despite the tylenol, call the nurse line (is this line associated with your dr's office?). I would not take her to the ER unless your dr recommends it-call them and see what they want you to do. They may be able to see you in the office, monitor your DD's condition via phone, and/or make more recommendations as to what to do. The ER is one of those places you want to avoid at all costs if possible-the waits, exposure to germs, etc. If you can manage things at home under the guidance of your dr/nurse. I think the advice the nurse gave you was correct.

    But obviously, if your daughter is keeping that high temp despite giving her tylenol and she seems in distress, you should go to the ER (but just give your dr a heads up that you're going there).

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  • When Liam had a virus in November at 5 months old, his temp got up to 104 several times.  We didn't go to the ER, though it was during the day so I was able to get in touch with the pedi right away.  At 102, the nurse told me to give Tylenol.  At 104, they saw us and ran tests.  They never mentioned us going to the ER.  My understanding is that babies can spike a high fever pretty easily.  In fact, a temp of up to 100.5 taken rectally is not even considered a fever according to my pedi.  As long as you can bring it down with medication and are under the care of your pedi, it should be okay.

    Glad Savannah is feeling better tonight!

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  • Fevers are dangerous when they spike quickly (can cause seizures). Once the temp is already high, the ER won't do anything differently than you do at home. Tylenol and/or Motrin. The best way to keep a fever down is to give Tylenol, then 3 hours later give motrin, then 3 hours later give Tylenol and keep alternating every 3 hours.

    Obviously, if the baby isn't acting right, is vomiting, dehydrated, has trouble breathing, etc, then go to the ER.

    Hope the baby is feeling better!?

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