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Paint Help (pinks and greens)

post your colors or pics = I have to pick out the paint this weekend - thikning of going with a pale pink and sagey green - using Benjamin Moore any recs?

Re: Paint Help (pinks and greens)

  • Awwww I found the perfect sage green in BM yesterday!! I wish I could remember the name of it for you!!! It wasn't too dark or too light...perfect for a nursery. Ugh!
  • green tea is beautiful!
  • We tried about 6 different shade of BM green - so I've tested a lot!  We were looking for a green that was a little brighter than sage, but I can tell you a few colors to check out.

    Iced Mint - looked nice on the swatch, but came out much too flourecent for us.

    Kittery Point Green - we ended up using this, but i think it would be too bright for what you are looking for.

    Hollingsworth Green - This is dull/darker than the other.

    Prescott Green - Has a little more blue in it than the others

    Guilford Green - Has a little more yellow in it than the others

    Spring Valley Green - This is inbetween the prescott and guilford.


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  • I can't remember exactly what the colors were, but I used two shades of sage green (one dark and one lighter) and pale pink. I also used a hot pink too and I really like how it turned out. Here's a picture that shows the stripes really well.

    Addie's Nursery



  • I'm using Wales Green (a BM color)  that I found at Pottery Barn Kids Its more of a green-yellow and on the bright side. The nursery is a north facing window so there isn't much natural light that comes in. PBK have paint shades that were developed for them and matches most of thier bedding choices. They have free paint sample books in store and had a lot of greens/pinks. 
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  • We used SW paint..I don't know if BM will color match, but we went with Baize Green and the pink is totally slipping my mind. I do know that we picked a pink that looked very light on paper because we didn't want anything too bright.
  • I think green tea is the one I loved so much.
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