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Pregnancy Weight

What did you ladies do to lose the baby weight?  I'm looking for something other than going to the gym.  We just gave up our membership b/c we didn't use it.  Ideally, I would like something I can do from home since DS is a preemie and I can't really take him out yet.

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  • I've been doing Tae Bo for years, and I love it.
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  • i used to swim a half mile every single morning before i was pregnant and through the first 2 tris.  needless to say i can't really do that anymore since i'm SAH and have DD.

    i've resorted to weight watchers (online) and going to the gym and running 3-4 times a week.  

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  • I second Tae Bo and I've just started using the wii fit again.
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  • I'm a lazy butt.  So, I'm hoping that all those rumors about how BF'ing helps you lose weight are true!
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