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What exactly do you do as a transaction coordinator?  My husband used to be a Realtor, but is currently in New Home Sales...so he would have a lot of contacts.  How did you find the position?  Did you know someone or were you doing this before you had your DC?  Would love any info!  I really want to find something that is computer based (no phones!!).  Thanks!!!!!

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  • Fortunately my husband is a realtor in charge of 20 other agents....so that is how i got the job! I am in charge of all escrows making sure all paperwork gets done in a timely manner so everyone gets paid :) I am basically a middle man between the title co, broker, and agent. Most is done online, but there are phone calls made as well.  I am also a Realtor, but it was too stressful with both of is being 100% commission so luckily i was able to move into a salaried position when I became pregnant. A lot of successful realtors just don't want to deal with the organization of paperwork/files, or just don't have the time, so they will pay a  transaction coordinator per deal as well. Hope that helps!
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