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RP: BF Supply tanked after 1st AF... HELP!

When my AF was here last week. Starting last Sunday, when it ended, my supply tanked. I have not been able to get more than 3 oz pumped per day on top of my regular breastfeeding of my baby.

Here is what I have done to increase:

3 Fenugreek tabs 3x daily

Tons of water

Mothers Milk tea

1 very "hoppy" beer daily

Power pumping 1x daily

 Sadly, my daughter is suffering the effects of this as she is never full and is waking up every 2 hours at night.  Typically, she sleeps 6-8 hours at a stretch.

Thanks again!
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Re: RP: BF Supply tanked after 1st AF... HELP!

  • Wow - that stinks. The only other thing I can think of is skin to skin contact. Hold her naked against your naked chest (she can still wear her diaper). It should help production.

    Good luck!?

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  • Sorry my grammar stinks so badly. Guess that beer took effect a little more quickly than I anticipated. For those who didn't catch what I was saying:

    AF ended on Sunday and that is when my supply tanked. Coincidentally, my last pump prior was my largest and that was 11oz in a single setting. Typically, I can pump between 10-12 oz per day on top of regular feeds and DD was sleeping 6-8 hours at night in a stretch.

    To the poster who recommended the skin to skin, thanks! I will try it tomorrow am!

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  • try a shower or hot compress before pumping or nursing to encourage let down.
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