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Nursing shirts: Worth the money?

I just ordered a couple of shirts from ON but I'm not sure is it worth it to get a few nursing shirts? ? I didn't use them with my first baby because I was able to nurse always in private or when just dh was around. Now that DS will be 2 1/2 ?yrs old when DD is born and people will be coming to help more and I don't think privacy will be as available. ( I'm very modest, I know it's a totally natural thing but I just don't feel comfortable in front of some people).?

Anyway,Did you use shirts that were designed for nursing? If so where did you get them?

Thanks in advance.?

Re: Nursing shirts: Worth the money?

  • I used nursing shirts more with DD1, like when we went to church or in public.  I lived in nursing tanks with DD2.  I have never covered her to nurse, because I have my shirt to cover me and the tank to cover my gut.  I got Motherhood, Glamourmom and Taget nursing tanks - I prefer Target for the $$.  I have Motherwear shirts and a few motherhood.
  • I've never owned a single nursing shirt. I tried a few on but didn't like how they fit and felt like my boobs were falling out. I'm not big on nursing in public (like at the mall) but if I nurse in front of people at home or something I just throw a blanket over my shoulder, I've also borrowed a friend's Hooter Hider which was great. I have never missed not having nursing shirts.
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  • I never bought any nursing shirts. Instead I purchased a bunch of nursing tanks from Target which I wore for the first 2 months or so. For me, the tanks were perfect. I'd wear a zip hoodie and the tank and when it was time to nurse, all i had to do was unzip, and unsnap the tank. Kept the belly fat hidden too.
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  • No nursing tops here.  I used a nursing cover a lot when DS was small.  I think mine was a hooter hider, but bebe au lait has pretty ones.  There's also less expensive ones out there.  Then I'd just wear either a nursing tank or regular shirt with a nursing bra.  It worked fine for me, although DS doesn't like the cover too much anymore.
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  • I never had one, but I was pretty good at nursing without flashing people.

    One cheapskate idea - buy regular tanks that do not have the stupid "shelf" bra in them, but that have adjustable length straps (I got mine at target). Wear the straps super long so you can pull them down under your boob and they'll keep your tummy covered when you raise your regular t-shirt up to nurse. I did this mostly for cold weather, but it would provide extra coverage too.

    - Jena
  • Another vote for nursing tanks here.  I would NOT buy any from Motherhood though.  They stretched up and down leaving my chest and stomach exposed.  The Target tanks are nice.  I haven't tried Glamourmom yet.  I just can't make it past the $$.

    I did buy one or two other nursing shirts, but since they were from Motherhood I had the same problems as their tanks.

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  • I only wear nursing shirts with a nursing tank underneath, every single day. Ds1 is 2 and it's always below freezing, and I refuse to be housebound, so I nurse in public a lot with a nursing shawl, and the shirts just make it easier. I got most of them from the value line at
  • I just wear a normal shirt with a normal cami underneath, with a  nursing bra. Then I lift my shirt up, tuck the cami down, and my belly stays covered (and warm -- it's cold here!). The nursing tanks don't have enough support for me.
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  • take a tank top and cut holes over your nipples.  wear another shirt overtop and bingo- diescreet nursing cheap!  there is a tutorial on youtube of ways to discreetly nurse w/o investing in nursing tops- I think it's called breastfeeding etiquette (not that I think you must be discreet to be polite since I think you should do it however you are comfy doing it0.  : )  hth
  • image charlatti:
    I just wear a normal shirt with a normal cami underneath, with a  nursing bra. Then I lift my shirt up, tuck the cami down, and my belly stays covered (and warm -- it's cold here!). The nursing tanks don't have enough support for me.

    Ditto. I love the tanks from Maurices. they are long and stretchy and have a low cut top. I also have a few Bravado tanks that I love but they are $50 which is kinda sucky.

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