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Gassy breastfed baby??HELP

My almost 2month old is very gassy. Her stomach often rumbles and she often is in discomfort from her gas. She also flactuates very loudly. she also spits up frequently. She is breastfed and she has been gassy like this since about 3 weeks old. Has anyone experienced this and what have you done other than eliminate certain foods? Also, I am wondering if my let down is too fast for her. Any advice?

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  • Have you tried tummy drops? Before eliminating foods, you may want to mention to your pedi.
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  • Right around 3 weeks is when they supposedly "wake up" to those feelings, and it's common for gas to start upsetting babies right around then. DD went through this, and now gas doesn't bother her as much. I didn't eliminate anything from my diet (although I did try to avoid garlic, onions and spicy stuff anyway). We used Mylicon (sp?) drops after almost every feeding, and they seemed to help a bit...
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  • mine has been like this from birth. it has not gotten better yet. the pedi said eventually it stops bothering them as much. it sucks- she wakes up from it... i tried a bunch of things but nothing has helped. pedi gave some suggestions but said let her outgrow it...ugh!
  • I've eliminated milk and use Little Tummies gas drops. I liked it better then Mylicon because my LO would spit Mylicon out and Little Tummies drops are berry flavored so she liked them better.
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