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exersaucer earlier than 4 mos?

DS has pretty impressive head control at 2 mos. When I hold him upright he keeps tries to push off my legs and is pretty good at supporting his weight that way. I'm thinking about letting him try his exersaucer a little early for short periods of time and just keeping close for head support. Does that make me a bad mom, or am I silly for even worrying about it?

Re: exersaucer earlier than 4 mos?

  • You know are DS better then anyone.  Try it out and see what happens.  You may find he doesn't like it yet but the only way for you to find out is to try.
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  • I did it early and just wrapped a towel around his body since he didn't have the support around his waist.
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  • We waited until 3 months.  We stuffed a blanket on the bottom so he could reach with his feet.  He didn't really 'get' what he was supposed to be doing in there until about a week ago.
  • we put our dd in her exersaucer around 2 or 3 months. She was controlling her head very well and really enjoyed it. She didn't stay in it for long, and we were always keeping a close eye on her. She loved it!
  • I put DS in at 3 months.  We just put a blanket around him to help with support
  • We started DS about 2 weeks ago.  He had pretty good head and torso control so we tried it.  He loved it.  He has to lean his chest against the front of the seat in order to reach some of the toys, but he'll stay happily entertained for the full 15 minutes I let him play.  He can now tippy toe on the bottom so he can swivel himself around a little.
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  • I just started putting my DS in this week.  He's got pretty good head control so I thought we would try it.  I put a blanket in front of him to keep him from falling into everything.  He doesn't really understand what to do just yet and doesn't like to stay in there too long.  I make sure to stay with him since he's not very well balanced yet.

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  • I put DS in it a few weeks ago, but all he wanted to do was lean over and lick the blanket I'd stuffed in there for support. He can't reach the toys yet anyway.
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