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Fairy tales where the girl kicks ass?

DD is into princesses. She loves the Disney ladies. (Her godmother works for Disney, so gets lots of free girly stuff.) We're going to paint fairy tale things on her walls: Wendy/Peter Pan/Tink, Aladdin/Jasmine, a wishing well from Snow White, probably Cinderella's mice and carriage. But are there other fairy tales where the princess slays the dragon, or something like that? I HATE the idea that she likes doing her hair and dressing up. (She loves playing with my necklaces/bracelets, etc.) I was into Transformers and horses when I was her age. I want her to kick butt, not to just get all dolled up for the Knight.

So, any stories that I could reference (besides Mulan) where a girl stands up for herself?

Samantha Skye - Aug 30, 2006 AND Maxwell Griffin - April 14, 2009
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