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Supply issues? Get MMP!

I swear by Mother Love More Milk Plus, liquid drops.  They taste like ***, but I really think the alcohol preparation gets the herbs into your system so much better than the pills.  I was taking 9 pills EACH of fenugreek and blesses thistle and my supply was still crapping out.  I started the drops and my supply has never been this good.  Its insane!

Amazon or Whole foods has them.

Re: Supply issues? Get MMP!

  • How do you take them?
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  • I put the drops in a glass with juice or tea, and then follow it up with a chaser of clean juice or tea.  Its only 1 or 2 mL.  Or I just drop directly into my mouth.  It's terrible though!
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  • There's also an alcohol-free version, in a glycerin base. It doesn't taste quite as bad, and works just as well as the alcohol tincture.
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