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My LO is 7 weeks old today and breastfeeds like a champ; however, in the last 3 days or so I've noticed that I am getting engorged between feedings (she eats every 2.5-3 hours from one side at a time during the day and every 4-5 at night). I think she went through a growth spurt last week. Did all of her comfort sucking make my oversupply worse? Should I try to deal with the discomfort or pump? I don't want to make the problem worse than it is - I can get 4oz per side after she eats. She's having more than enough wet/dirty diapers so I know she's getting enough. Help!

Re: Oversupply

  • Dont worry- your supply will not regulate until after 12 weeks. Don't pump any extra if you think  you have an oversupply. do NOT pump- it will only make it worse. what you can do (and i had an oversupply too) was put warm washcloths over your breasts and let milk drip into your bathroom sink. It is oooooh so sexy- however you are not subjecting your breasts to more stimulation such as a pump.

    things will calm down.

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