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Did you get a mobile for crib?

I'm debating on whether or not to get one. There's one that comes with the pnp bassinet and I'm thinking that baby will be in our room for a minimum of 2 months so at that point, since you are not supposed to have a mobile in the crib after 4 months b/c baby can grab at it, should I even bother with one in their crib? I did get the entertainer thing that hangs inside the crib and plays music, so I thought that would be enough.

What are you doing?

Re: Did you get a mobile for crib?

  • Skip the mobile.  I bought one but with the new style of convertable cribs, most don't fit right anyways.  I too bought the crib aquarium entertainer and my DD loves it!
  • crib aquarium seems to work much better with all my friend's babies. they all love it!
  • We haven't gotten one.  Like you, I'm planning on having her in the PNP for a couple months.  After that I think I'll get a crib aquarium.  I hear they work wonders.
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  • We did buy the mobile but only because we found it on sale.  I've been very budget conscious with her room, this was one thing I know we could do without.  I think most people find that the crib mobile is more about looks than function.  It does look beautiful on her crib though!Big Smile
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  • We just bought one on Thursday.  I wasn't sure, but when I saw it in the store I had to have it!
  • Get one! I almost didn't but I got one at my shower and OMG my daughter loves it!!! it has animals on it (from target) and it's the first thing she would talk to. I would hear her talking or cooing and then as soon as I went in she would be quite! I recommend getting one with extremely contrasting colors so they can see it really good. It's also the first thing she followed with her eyes. It was amazing to watch her follow the elephant around for the first time, also to hear her talk to it in the morning it was awesome!! Just find a clearance one or a used one, If your baby likes it, it will be worth it! Plus I could set her in her crib while I took a shower and she was totally entertained. I have an fisher price aquarium too, she likes both. We use the aquarium at night. I also have the twilight turtle and she likes that too.
  • We have the aquarium...we registered for the mobile to go wtih our bedding set and someone bought it but we haven't seen it :)
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